Pumpkin Spice is Back, @#%&*$!

Pumpkin Spice Shark,  because everything is pumpkin spice this time of year.






Wu Gang Chops the Tree Again


THE STORY OF WU GANG'S PUNISHMENT Illustrated by the brilliant @mikepaulart 😊 Earlier, we told the stories of Chang’e and the Moon Rabbit, both of whom ended up living on the Moon. But do you know the story of the other man who lives on the Moon? Legend has it that a long time ago, there lived a man named Wu Gang in China. Wu Gang was a woodcutter and he desperately wished to be immortal. Therefore, he went to live in the mountains, where he begged an immortal teacher to teach him the ways of eternal life. Unfortunately, Wu Gang was an extremely lazy fellow and he did not work very hard to achieve his goal. Truthfully, he did not try at all. When his teacher tried to teach him how to heal, Wu Gang lost interest after three days and asked to be taught something else. When his teacher tried to teach him how to play Chinese Chess, Wu Gang grew bored after two days. When his teacher tried to teach him the ways of eternal life, Wu Gang gave up after only one day! Wu Gang's impatience and lack of determination made his immortal teacher furious!
 As punishment, the immortal teacher sent Wu Gang to the Moon to chop down a huge cassia tree. Only after doing so, would he be allowed to return to Earth. Wu Gang tried to chop down the tree, but the magical tree healed itself after each blow. Alas! Wu Gang now realised his true punishment. He would have to spend an eternity endlessly chopping down the tree on the Moon. To this today, on clear nights, people look at the Moon and try to find the shadow of Wu Gang chopping at the tree. #doyouknowthestory #folktalefriday

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It was a really good day!  Do You Know the Story? published my drawing of Wu Gang Chopping the Tree – a figure from  Chinese mythology similar to Sisyphus and symbolizing futility.   I sent it in a couple months ago; in fact they saw it earlier on my Instagram feed an asked If they could use it, so I knew it was going to eventually be published, but hadn’t heard anything in a while.

Autumnal Equinox

Gravel, the literary magazine of the University of Arkansas at Monticello also published four of my illustrations today, three on autumnal themes and one on the eclipse last month. I’m really happy with the drawings and glad to see them out. The editors only contacted me today and I sent them a bio and a picture (as requested), and the pictures are already up on the website (I think it’s just an online journal, but it’s nice to get some things out for people to see.)


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