The National Aquarium

Morphology of a Shark in RussianI went to the National Aquarium on Friday.  I saw lots of sharks: black-tipped reef sharks, sand tiger sharks, sandbar sharks, and nurse sharks, as well as a zebra shark, a leopard shark, EPSON MFP imageand a bonnet-head shark, some polka-dotted skates and sawfishes too.  A lot of other cool animals as well: a nautilus, a monitor lizard, Australian bats (that are active during the day and sleep at night); the dolphin show was great too.  I spent a year in Baltimore a few years back and never went to the aquarium.  Pacific Sharpnose SharksI’m glad I finally got to go.  There were no Pacific sharpnose Snail Climb Mount Fujisharks there, but I drew a few yesterday, along with some other drawings.



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