Of Bears and Rams and Persian Philosophers

Bear 30 MAR 2015 (2)Rams I drew bears and rams based on team mascots in a game I played today.  I am still away from home, but can photograph them and color or otherwise manipulate them in GIMP. The featured image is from way back in 2001, done with magic markers.

EPSON MFP imageI also decided to add some drawings from 2009 when I was in a mood to draw a few Persian philosophers and poets with brown ink and a dip pen. I featured a drawing of Avicenna yesterday, and thought of posting a few other Persian poets and thinkers today.  It’s only a little over a week since the Persian New Year, so it isn’t completely out of time or place here.

I love the poetry of Saadi, especially his “Gulistan,” (The Rose Garden). Sadly though, I haven’t read very much of him, or of Hafez (who wrote the “Shahnameh,” the Persian national epic), or Omar Khayyam.  EPSON MFP image


Khayyam is particularly fascinating: a polymath – a mathematician, astronomer, and poet, who gave us the “loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou” quote that often appeared in “Hagar the Horrible” cartoons.  He is also said to have come up with heliocentrism 400 years before Copernicus, though some say that’s a actually just a nineteenth century misquote of the first line of “The Rubaiyat.”



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