International Hug a Medievalist Day!

Self-Portrait after Durer 26 FEB 2006Happy International Hug a Medievalist Day!St Stephen of Hungary

I am not sure much will come of it in my personal life, but it’s nice that someone decided we needed our own, special day when, perhaps, random strangers can give us some sugar (or maybe that’s Suger, if your into French Gothic Medievalism).

***Face of a Knight

I went to the Hillwood estate museum in D.C. today, St Joan of Arcand saw a couple of the Faberge eggs (I saw some in Russia and some at exhibits in the United States over the years; they’re always wonderful) as well as some imperial Russian paintings and a lovely little icon exhibit.  The icon exhibit was small and a friend of mine who is an art historian said it wasn’t a great collection, but I’ve liked icons for a long time and it was nice to see a few that weren’t burned or smashed by the Bolsheviks.  International Hug a Medievalist Day 2

It was rainy and they just started planting the flowers, so there wasn’t much to see in the gardens, but I walked over and saw the temporary exhibit in the dacha.  In the evening, they showed a documentary on Faberge, which was really interesting – it discussed the Imperial eggs, of course, but also talked about other items the firm made, and the history of the company in Russia and Europe as well.  The Faberge company, which has been reconstituted as a jeweler as of 2009, helped sponsor the film and gave out a catalog beforehand (with no prices – because “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”)

SwordsmanAfter the film, one of the girls in our group was joking about how she was going to show the catalog to her boyfriend and see if he took the hint, and I said “yeah, and Easter is just around the corner, too.” and she made a nasty remark about how she didn’t care about Easter.  I guess the two hour film that prominently featured bejeweled Easter eggs owned by queens, princes, and the fabulously rich, and which that now sell for millions of dollars, was apparently lost on her.  Oh well, sometimes jokes fall flat.



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