Egyptian SoldierToday is the 3,472 anniversary of the Battle of Megiddo, between Egyptian Pharaoh Thuthmoses III and the King of Kadesh.  It is the first battle for which we believe we have a reliable historical record of what transpired (a “reasonable approximation of the truth” as one of my professors once put it).  The first recorded body count took place following the battle too, though I personally would have considered Genesis 4:8 to be the first body count: “And Cain said to Abel his brother: Let us go forth abroad. And when they were in the field, Cain rose up against his brother Abel, and slew him.” (Bodycount: 1; Cain: 1 Abel: 0).

Thutmoses III was said to have been a great soldier, though, in some sense, he was trying to prove himself after being overshadowed in his younger years by his step-mother and aunt, Queen Hatshepsut.    Hatshepsut 19 APR 1993

EPSON MFP imageMegiddo went on to be a much-fought-over place, a byword for a place of battle, from which we get Armageddon, though Adrianople (modern Edirne, Turkey), appears to be the most fought-over place on earth, guarding for millennia the western approaches to Constantinople.  It was a place of battle or was besieged at least sixteen times over the last two thousand years.

Today is also the day in 1947 when the term “Cold War” was coined by Bernard Baruch to refer to the “unpleasantness” between the US and the USSR that would last until 1989.Hind D Gunship



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