St. John Nepomucene’s Day., in commemoration of the Bohemian vicar who got the Ol’ Heave Ho off Charles’ Bridge for refusing to tell the king what naughty things the queen had told him in confession, though some of my non-Catholic friends insist he never really existed and was made up by the Jesuits during the Counter-Reformation.

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Today is also the 22nd anniversary of my bachelor’s degree, for what it’s worth, and I’m not sure bachelor’s degrees are worth all that much these days, especially in the sense of helping you find meaningful work when you are finished. Sad to say, too, that my B.A. didn’t really help me find work and it wasn’t even in the humanities, which many see as a thoroughly pointless area of study in this modern age, when we are increasingly being told to be scientists, engineers, mathematicians, or doctors and lawyers.



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