Emus, Puffins, and Other Things


I drew a few birds recently; a colleague wanted a puffin and an emu – I guess she saw an article on The Emu War of November and December 1932, in which His Majesty’s Australian Forces – including the Royal Australian Artillery – suffered an inglorious defeat at the hands of  huge flocks of native ratites (or swarms, murders, gaggles, or whatever grouping emus come in) despite the employment of Lewis machine guns at point-blank range against the serried masses of the enemy.  I find them rather ridiculous, even ugly birds myself, even if they are apparently, largely invulnerable to machine gun fire, and don’t find them terribly interesting to draw, but overall I had a fun weekend drawing.


Remembering the Emu War of November to December 1932

Shark Thumbnail 2


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