Frozen, etc.


I had the second surgery on my left yesterday and it went well, though my eyes is still pretty irritated and puffy.  Nevertheless, here is some of what I’ve drawn over the past couple of days, including today.

i watched “Frozen” last night and this morning; I hadn’t seen that one yet. I really enjoyed it. It was a very charming film.  I think Olaf is probably the best comic relief I’ve seen in a Disney film thus far. I really loved him singing about summer and his love for warm hugs. Really cute.

I also thought the villain was slightly more sophisticated than the usual Disney villain; you didn’t really see it coming  A mile away like you usually do. You thought it would be the Duke of Weaselton and only find out in the last twenty minutes that it’s actually the Prince of the Southern Islands. Usually Disney villains are rather flat and you Know who it is at the very beginning. Furthermore,  most Disney villains are usually rather brainy – mad scientist types. This one was more of a jock. So a little bit different than usual I thought.

I thought the government of the place was rather odd that the queen and Princess run off and leave power to a prince and a Duke from another country, but I guess this was supposed to just be a Heartwarming Family Film, and not a treatise on government so I can look beyond that  absence of political understanding and enjoy the cartoon.
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