Another Infographic


Another one of my infographics was published by the Nakawe Project.

"The Docks at Puntarenas" – Shark fin trading in Costa Rica, or shark finning, is an illegal practice in the country ( not shark meat consumption or shark fishing). It poses a serious problem with shark populations and organized crime within Costa Rica. The trade in Costa Rica was vigorously controlled by the Taiwanese mafia because of the high value of shark fins in restaurants in the Pacific Rim countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and China where Shark fin soup can cost up to $100 a serving in top restaurants. Some 95% of shark fin trading activity in Costa Rica culminated in the docks of Puntarenas on the western coast, notably Inversiones Cruz Dock and Harezan Dock, which are often privately run by the Taiwanese. The industry in Costa Rica took off from the 1970s as a result of the growth in demand from the emerging wealthy Tiger economies of the Asia-Pacific for shark fin as a delicacy. By the 1990s, the shark fin industry in Costa Rica had become one of the world's most important in shark finning, especially as a major cargo-unloading point for international fleets because of tax laws and government corruption in cracking down on the trade. However, there is environmental awareness of the consequences of fin trade exploitation which could result in shark extinction. Prompted by WildAid’s campaigns, in East Asia, high profile politicians and their kin, film personalities, industrial establishments and committed individuals took voluntary “No shark fin” pledge. In January 2011, it was reported that British chef Gordon Ramsay and his TV crew were held at gunpoint and soaked with petrol when filming a documentary about the illegal trade in Costa Rica. – #NoToSharkFinning #WeDoNotEatSharkMeat #Puntarenas #InversionesCruz #Harezan #Incopesca #GameOverFishing #PlayItRight #Conservation #Education #NakaweWarriors art by @mikepaulart #NakaweTeamMember

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I also drew Mika, after Kienan Lafferty.


And this, after a comic called “Fake Money,” by David Mazzucchelli, in a really really cool issue of the New York Times Magazine, with just comics.




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