Today’s post brought to you by the letter G

Gabrielle’s Galoshes


I was looking at some of Matthew Inman’s cartoons today (The Oatmeal).  He had one about how butterflies have five types of color receptors in their eyes,  while mantis shrimp (which are indeed awesome) have 16. I was looking online and saw that one species of butterfly in Australia and Japan, the common bluebottle (Graphium sarpedon), has 15 types of color receptors, and originally thought that was a new finding that applied to all species. On closer reading, it seems most other butterfly species (still) have only four or five (humans have only three), as Inman said. So my infographic is not quite correct. Anyway, it’s interesting to think what other colors might exist that we can’t see.  Perhaps butterflies can even see Octarine.



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